Welcome to Luxury Philippines D.S Agency, your trusted Philippine agency!

Luxury Philippines D.S Agency is an agency that offers domestic services, in a personalized way, through the best Filipino professionals. Quality and professionalism are two terms that perfectly represent us, two words that are a mirror of who we are, our essence and our values. Do you want to meet us? Before, we want to welcome you to our blog, a space where you can find out all the news about the sector, keep up to date with our services, and find out about the most relevant news that we will show you every month.

Our company is a large catalog of domestic services, carried out by experts of Filipino origin who will not only provide you and your family with efficiency and quality when working, but also values such as discretion, commitment, respect, trust and honesty. Without a doubt, aspects that represent our employees, values that we want to infuse into your home!

Details that make the difference:

Drivers, babysitters, domestic services, kitchen, gardeners, cleaning staff, elderly care are some of the services that we will offer you at Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency. A complete service in which we will find the perfect person for you. She/he will match your domestic and family needs and requirements, either internally or externally (full-time or part-time, external for weekends or nights).

We are sure that you will be very satisfied, thanks to our rigorous search for professionals, whose positive and helpful attitude will make your results reach 10/10. And it is that our employees must pass a series of interviews that allow us to always choose and work with the best professionals.

Do you want to experience first-hand the benefits of having an agency like ours? Do you require the service of professionals to be able to reconcile your work and personal life, in a calm and safe way? At Luxury Philippines D.S Agency we will provide you with impeccable service and the ability to make replacements, if you are not happy with the results.

Put yourself in good hands by contacting us and finding out about everything you want to know. Tell us what you need and we will find the right professional for you.

Once presented, we will be in contact every month to offer you the most relevant news of our agency and our sector.