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The best Filipino staff for you​

Filipino domestic workers are widely appreciated around the world for their honesty, adaptability, efficiency, loyalty, discretion and the high quality of their services.

At Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency we have Filipino domestic workers specialized in several fields and any domestic service you may need, please do not hesitate to consult us. From Luxury Philippines D.S. Agency, we will choose the best candidates that fits better with your needs, so that you can finally pick the one that meets all your expectations.

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Domestic services

All of our domestic workers are professionally specialized in the performance of domestic tasks related to the care and maintenance of the home.

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The Filipino community stands out in its qualities for sweet, affectionate, committed and very patient people, who like to deal with the little ones at home.


At Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency we have Filipino cooks with extensive experience and specialized in preparing different styles of menus and diets.

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If you are looking for a private chauffeur service that offers you security, privacy, punctuality, good appearance and that always keeps your car in the best conditions.

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Our gardening professionals will always keep your garden, or that of your community of neighbors, in the best condition.

Care of the elderly

We have qualified internal or external personnel for the care of the elderly with or without dependency.

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Staff for hotels, companies and offices

Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency makes the best selection of Filipino domestic service personnel available to all types of companies and businesses.

Filipino domestic service in origin

At Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency you will find the possibility of hiring your Filipino domestic service directly from the Philippines. 

Hours for domestic service

  • Internal 24/7
  • Stay-in during the week
  • Stay-in weekend
  • Full day stay-out (8 hours)
  • Stay-out half-day (4 hours)